Tropical House

Tropical House is a beach hotel on the coast of the Coral Sea in Australia, that opened in 2018. Thanks to advertising through local media channels, the Tropical House became popular with local holidaymakers. Unfortunately, with the worldwide pandemic, the demand fell and, at the moment, the hotel is unoccupied even in high season. The hotel manager wants to attract more visitors: locals as well from all over the world and, therefore, decided to have a responsive website created.

Client: Tropical House
Services: UI UX Design

The context & challenge



The overarching purpose of the project was to create a website prototype for PC and mobile. The time frame for this project was 4 weeks.



The number of visitors of the Tropical House has dropped dramatically since the onset of the pandemic. After its completion, the demand for hotel visits remained low.



Make a simple, attractive and easy-to-use responsive website that provides important information about the hotel and allows to book rooms online.

The process & insight

The solution